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Accounting and financial reporting consulting

The Firm provides companies with assistance and advice for the independent management of their administrative and accounting procedures. Thanks to continuously updated hardware and software, it also provides companies and professionals with book keeping and accounting services , which it may fully manage on behalf of smaller enterprises or may share with larger clients’ administrative structures using cloud-based accounting software. This technology enables the Firm to modulate and vary its activities according to the client's requests.
The activities normally carried out in this area include:
  • preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements;
  • financial analysis and management control;
  • management of relations with banks;
  • economic, financial and capital planning;
  • preparation of business plans and investment projects;
  • technical expert consulting in judicial and arbitration procedures.

Employment consulting, payroll and social security processing services

Since its beginning, Studio Cirilli has been specialising in employment, social security and trade unions consulting services, providing companies with broad and highly professional assistance that covers all aspects of employment consulting, from staff administration through payroll and social security processing to human resources management services.
Client companies may rely on continuous dialogue with, and the daily availability of, the Firm's staff to deal with any employment issue.
Moreover, the Firm provides qualified assistance for:
  • the preparation of disciplinary regulations, definition of internal rules, guidelines for the application of conservative sanctions and dismissals;
  • the planning, development and implementation of corporate welfare systems;
  • the management of relations with trade unions;
  • the management of both individual and collective disputes, and settlement agreements.

Tax consulting and assistance in relations with tax authorities

Studio Cirilli assists companies and natural persons in the fulfillment of ordinary tax obligations and in the relations with national tax authorities and local public administrations, and also provides adequate assistance in the event of tax audits.
In providing its services, the Firm avails of its in-house professionals and, where necessary, external tax lawyers on matters related to:
  • taxation of businesses, natural persons and trusts;
  • tax planning;
  • the preparation of tax due diligence reports;
  • the implementation of extraordinary transactions such as mergers, demergers, transformations, liquidations, equity transactions, disposals, transfers and acquisitions of companies or smaller enterprises;
  • tax advice for multinational groups that intend to operate or already operate in Italy through subsidiaries or branches;
  • generational transitions and family agreements;
  • transfer pricing;
  • the management of relations with low taxation countries;
  • tax audits, reports of findings and investigations;
  • the management of litigation related to various tax issues.

Consulting with regard to the internationalisation of companies

The radical transformation of global markets requires Italian companies to undertake concrete actions to expand their business activities well beyond national borders. Accessing new markets, consolidating their business in the markets in which companies already operate are as key success factors for companies as are the planning and development of operating, productive, sales or financial platforms in other countries to support an internationalisation process.
Studio Cirilli has significant experience, contacts and professional relationships to assist entrepreneurs in the international development of their business by offering the following services:
  • assistance in choosing the geographic location of new operating platforms;
  • evaluations of the tax, legal, financial and organisational implications of operating in individual foreign markets;
  • advice for establishing joint ventures and setting up international business relationships;
  • analysis of statutory, tax and labour law legislation in the host country;
  • definition of the legal form or structure to be established in the host country (branch, company or representative office).

Corporate and contractual consulting

Thanks to its year-long experience, Studio Cirilli assists its clients across all phases of a company’s life, from the development of the entrepreneurial project to the identification of the corporate model to be adopted and the implementation, check and assessment of the entire corporate control system.
Thus, the Firm offers corporate consulting and related services on all corporate and contractual law matters and provides problem-solving assistance in matters related to:
  • the establishment of trading companies with the identification of the most appropriate legal form;
  • advice on and fulfilment of ordinary and extraordinary corporate obligations, relations between shareholders and corporate bodies, shareholder agreements, succession planning;
  • expert appraisals;
  • advice and assistance during boards of directors’ and ordinary and extraordinary shareholders' meetings and performance of any mandatory procedures;
  • corporate domiciliation;
  • preparation of contracts so as to optimise economic, financial and tax results;
  • capital transactions (capital injections, reductions and coverage of losses, contributions in cash and in kind by shareholders, etc.);
  • appointment as statutory auditor and independent auditor;
  • appointment as director and liquidator.

Extraordinary transactions and business appraisals

Studio Cirilli provides strategic and contractual consulting services involving preliminary feasibility studies, the planning and implementation of extraordinary corporate finance transactions such as acquisitions, transfers, mergers, demergers and exchanges of shares and quotas involving corporations, equity investments, companies and business units.
  • Preparation of buy-side or sell-side due diligence reports
  • Appraisals of companies and equity investments
  • Impairment tests on intangible assets and equity investments
  • Preparation of sworn appraisals and estimates

Services for companies operating in the gaming sector

The gaming industry is undergoing a phase of profound transformation requiring a radical transformation of the operators’ business models.
Studio Cirilli has gained extensive experience in advising gaming operators, with specific reference to:
  • rental of entertainment equipment pursuant to article 110 paragraphs 6 and 7 of the TULPS (the Italian Consolidated act on public security);
  • design and production of slot machines and video lottery terminals;
  • quotation services for sporting events;
  • design and supply of software for the management of online gaming platforms.
With its over twenty years of experience in the sector and consolidated relationships with the major associations of operators, Studio Cirilli is a qualified and reliable partner assisting companies in managing, innovating and reorganising their businesses.

Digital services

The digital transformation of services and administrative procedures is essential for companies aiming to maintain or increase their presence on the market.
Studio Cirilli has always been equipped with cutting edge IT systems to enhance the quality of the services rendered to its clients and assist companies in their strategic digital transformation.
Taking advantage of cloud-based technologies, the Firm offers its clients a wide range of software solutions to help them develop their business and keep closer and more profitable relationships with the Firm’s professionals.
Online billing and accounting, digital archiving, electronic storage, electronic billing to the Public Administration and B2B, and automated document acquisition are just some of the highly valued IT services the Firm makes available to its clients.