Studio Cirilli

Studio Cirilli was established in Padua in the second half of the 1970s. Over the years it has always assisted its clients in staying in line with the continuous evolution of their operating markets and economic environments.
Driven by 40 years of experience and its knowledge of customer needs, the Firm has expanded its structure and competences, providing both companies and individuals with tax, corporate, accounting, management, contractual, employment and low-interest financing consulting services.
This was achieved not only by involving highly professional and specialised experts into the Firm structure but also by integrating the services provided directly by the Firm with those provided by selected and highly qualified partners.
Following the evolution of economic contexts and markets, Studio Cirilli also provides companies with the necessary support for their internationalisation and/or delocalisation.
The Firm bases its work on commitment and a personal and trustworthy relationship with its clients, aiming to protect the clients’ interests while complying with the principles of ethics and responsibility.
Thus the Firm interprets its client’s needs day after day and, thanks to its commitment to keeping up-to-date on continuous regulatory changes (well beyond the minimum required by Italian professional regulations), offers presence, stability and integrated solutions with the support of a multidisciplinary network of professionals.

Our partners

Studio Cirilli avails of qualified professionals and partner companies to provide its clients with specific additional services.

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