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Gianluigi Cirilli

Via Diego Valeri n. 23

c.f. CRLGLG65M05L736J

partita IVA 00549720282

Francesco Cirilli

Via Diego Valeri n. 23

c.f. CRLFNC75A14G224E

partita IVA 04384000289



Studio Legale Eulex

Studio Legale Eulex, established in Padua, provides highly professional and specialised multidisciplinary and multilingual advisory services.
Focused on assisting individuals and public administrations on a limited time and cost basis, it also provides training for its clients and other professionals.


Venetica provides development plan analysis services, identifying the relevant sources of finance and tools. In order to exploit professional skills and improve corporate competitiveness, Venetica monitors regional competition notices and designs customised paths to avail of European Social Funds and ERDF funds for staff training. It also provides assistance in using Interprofessional Funds.

ISO Engineering

ISO Engineering provides consulting and planning activities on management systems (quality, safety, environment, ethics, etc.) and gives job security counselling to both small-sized and large organisations in different manufacturing sectors.