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Gianluigi Cirilli

Via Diego Valeri n. 23

c.f. CRLGLG65M05L736J

partita IVA 00549720282

Francesco Cirilli

Via Diego Valeri n. 23

c.f. CRLFNC75A14G224E

partita IVA 04384000289


Giada Maistro

Chartered accountant and registered auditor
T. +39 049 8800998 - F. +39 049 681737
  • Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Padua in 2003
  • Chartered accountant, member of the Association of chartered accountants and accounting experts of Padua, Section A, since 2011
  • Registered auditor, enrolled in the Register of independent auditors of the Ministry of Economy and Finance since 2011

She provides consulting and assistance services to companies and individuals concerning corporate, financial reporting, tax and administrative issues of an ordinary and extraordinary nature, and in the relations with the tax authorities.
She provides companies with tax advice on matters of VAT, at both national and EC level, and related compliance issues.
She has experience in business administration with leading companies.